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1. Can I take an Original birthe certificate?

Yes, you have to fill an application and pay Rs. 100.00 for each,if you have the number of birth certificate. If not you have to pay Rs.200.00 for first copy of the birth certificate.


2. How I register my passed birth?

Please bring hospitle or grama niladari birth record and other evidence that shows birth date, place and Mother.Then after fullfilling several requirments and examinations your birth will be registered.


3. How can I change my name on birth certificate?

If the child younger than 07 years of age, mother's request will enough.if the child in between 07 years of age 03 evidence of required name wil enough. if the person above 21 years of age 05 evidence of required name and paper advertisment rquired.


4. How to correct wrong details of birth certificate?

Please contact your additional district registrar according to the registration of birth certificate.Then according to the situation of details you will have to submit required documents like parents birth certificates, parents marriage certificate, ID copies, Hispital birth records etc...


5.How I register my marriage ?

you have teo meet the rqgistrar of you area and submit botice of marriage.After 14 days submitting the notice of marriage you can register the marriage any day you like before 03 month.And also you need two witnesses for registration.





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