Civil Registrations

Registration Activities

  1. Birth Registrations
  2. Death Registrations
  3. Marriage Registrations
  4. Registrations for person (Identity card)
  5. Business Name Registrations
  6. Government Land Registrations
  7. Government Land Heritage Registrations
  8. Government Land Successors Registrations
  9. Government Land Transfers REgistratsions
  10. Non Government Organization Registrations
  11. Changes of Name Registrations
  12. Religious Places Registrations
  13. Sunday school Registrations
  14. Nursery School Registrations


Issuance of permits / Licenses


  1. Land Development Licenses
  2. Long Term Lease Land Licenses
  3. Temple Inaugural Rate Licenses
  4. Annual Land Permits
  5. Tree Felling Licenses
  6. Timber Transportation Licenses
  7. Animal Tranportation Licenses
  8. Sand Mining Licenses
  9. Liquor Licenses
  10. Vehicle Revenue Lisenses
  11. Pensioner Railway Warrent
  12. Staff Railway Warrent


Issuing of tree cutting permits (land Section)


  1. Letter of request 
  2. Grama Niladari report
  3. Certified copy of deed
  4. Certified of plan


Timber Transportation Licenses

  1. Letter of rquest
  2. Application issuews by DS
  3. Certified copy of deed and the plan
  4. Agreements of the partners
  5. Tree cutting permit
  6. receipt if a purchasing
  7. receipt if a purchasing
  8. Letter of donation (If relevant)
  9. Environmental report
  10. Bill of the registered business center


Government Land (Grant) Proprietorship transference

  1. Request of the transferee
  2. Grant and a photocopy
  3. Folio of the Grant
  4. Death certificate of spouse
  5. Marriage certificate

Government Land (Grant)Succession transference

  1. Request of transferee
  2. Grant and a photocopy 
  3. Follio of th grant
  4. Birth certificate of transferee or a document to confirm a relationship
  5. gvalid stamp for Rs 5/=

Government Land (Grant) transference by notary in public

  1. Request of the granter
  2. Grant and the photocopy
  3. Folio of the grant
  4. In plan of the land
  5. Interim plan (if transer part of the land
  6. Affidavit which emntioned grantor being not helpless due to the transfer and not interest about land
  7. The document proceed that the transferee belongs to farmer's class











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